A 4-part series on Canada’s Relationship with Native North America

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This series of the Long Term Memory Radio Project is for non-profit use only and is distributed through CKUT or available on the world wide web at www.radio4all.net.

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Episode 1: Indian Act & Proposed Amendments
Is the Canadian government implementing corporate globalization models on First Nations territories? This conversation with Roger Obonsawin and Anthony Hall addresses issues of corporate influence on Canadian Indian policy as well as the historical motives behind the assimilation agenda of the original Indian Act. Roger is Editor of Anasazi, a publication that has dedicated two issues to the proposed amendments of the Indian Act – the First Nations Governance Act & the First Nations Financial Institution Act. Anthony is a professor of Native American Studies at the University of Lethbridge. For copies of Anasazi call 1.800.461.9495 or visit the website at www.oigroup@oigroup.ca. Music: Rhythm Activism & Julian B.

Episode 2: Media Criticism & Resistance
Featuring a critical discussion about the media’s handling of Native issues (including the death of Dudley George, sovereignty issues and more) with Peter Edwards (journalist at the Toronto Star and author of One Dead Indian) and Alison Blackduck  (the only Native journalist with a column in a major Canadian daily). This episode also includes Arthur Manuel (organizer with urban and rural resistance movements) speaking with Adam Gottlieb (of Native Solidarity News – nsn.tao.ca) about current resistance within indigenous communities in Canada. For alternative resources on Native issues checkout
www.turtleisland.org. Music: Without Rezervation.

Episode 3: Impact of Canadian Indian Policy on Aboriginal Women
Interview with Andrea Moore, resident of Kahnawake, who marched with her mother in the 1970s when aboriginal women protested the sexist membership definitions of the Indian Act that barred some women from living within their own communities. This discussion also includes an analysis of the Indian Act’s impact on the traditional Mohawk government and on the current attempts to eliminate the Indian Act under the Canada Kahnawake Relations agreement. Looking for resources on Kahnawake? www.kahnawake.com or www.easterndoor.com. Music: Sharon Burch & Six Nations Women Singers.

Episode 4: Native Youth on the Indian Act and Assimilation
This episode was produced by youth from Native Friendship Center of Montreal. Included is an interview with Jonathan Kay (journalist with the National Post who wrote an essay in December 2001 advocating assimilation) conducted by Donavon Brass (participant in activities at the Friendship Center’s Youth Center). Also features a short documentary on the Youth Center as well as a Q&A by Tania Willard (editor of Redwire – Canada’s only Native Youth magazine) with a representative from the Department of Indian Affairs. The Montreal Friendship Center can be contacted at 514.499.1854 and you can find
Redwire magazine on the web at www.redwiremag.com or by calling 604.602.7226. Music: Chilan, Without Rezervation, & Rhythm Activism.

Without the support of CKUT’s very own Native Solidarity News (a long running program that aims to educate & mobilize Quebecers in support First Nations worldwide — nsn.tao.ca) this series would not have been possible.

We would also like to offer much appreciation for the help and support of the following people: Ellen Gabriel, Quebec Native Women, Jean Davidson, Native Friendship Center of Montreal, and Mike Murphy at the Department of Indian Affairs and  Northern Relations. Special thanks also goes out to all the participants (!).

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