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An Open Letter To Activists Concerning Racism In The Anti-War Movement

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the anti-war movement, Attached is an open letter raising issues of racism in the anti-war movement. In it, we identify racist practices that have hindered our ability to work together and will continue to do … Continue reading

Community Action Notes: Information and Resources Against War and Racism

Community Action Notes is a Toronto based newsletter for community networking, outreach and information sharing against war and racism. The attached PDF documents are issues of Community Action Notes from 2002.

Eqbal Ahmad “Terrorism, Theirs & Ours”

Terrorism is the scourge of the era….The media focus on only one variety, that of the United States’ official enemies…. Click here to listen to this hour long radio program recorded in Boulder Colorado.

Anarchy, War and Globalization

Hello friends. As you probably know by now, I was refused entry into the belly of the beast last night. A friend and I had to turn back our car into the great white north, but not before we were … Continue reading

War Frenzy

My recent speech at a women’s conference on violence against women has generated much controversy. In the aftermath of the terrible attacks of September 11, I argued that the U.S. response of launching ‘America’s new war’ would increase violence against … Continue reading

We Organize With Love In Our Hearts: building an anti-war movement

I was getting ready to leave for DC. The mass mobilization was gaining momentum as the IMF/World Bank meetings approached at the end of the month. I was excited about heading out early to do ‘Anti-Racism for Global Justice’ workshops … Continue reading

The Light of History: Reflections on Durban and September 11th

That light of outrage is the light of history springing upon us when we’re least prepared* And oh, how unprepared we were for September 11th. In many ways, the United Nations World Conference Against Racism seems like a lifetime ago. … Continue reading

The 3rd World War: Message to the Anti-Globalization Movement

5,000 people have been killed in a murderous attack just a few days ago, clearly stemming from past events in the Middle East. Although the President of the United States correctly refers to this as “acts of war”, he does … Continue reading

September 11: Views from the Global South

January 3, 2002 Nine leading economic and social justice activists from the global South were in Seattle last November for a week-long conference called, “Break Free: Voices of the Global South.” The conference brought activists from Africa, Asia and Latin … Continue reading

To Beard Or Not To Beard – That’s Not The Question

Now that we’re all supposed to be Americans as the fight against “the evil ones” expands, a recent incident has reminded me that some of us, wherever we may live, are just, as George Bush said recently, “Pakis”. What does … Continue reading

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