From Protest to Resistance: a radical look at the FTAA

Click here to listen to link to audio recordings from this event held on Jan.25th, 2001 in Toronto Canada.

Speakers at the event were:

  • George, Anti-Racist Action (Toronto)
  • Fernando Hernandez, Food for Chiapas (Toronto)
  • Sue Collis, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, OCAP (Toronto)
  • Pauline Hwang, Colours of Resistance (Montreal)
  • Helene Vallieres, Summit of the Americas Welcoming Committee, CASA (Quebec City)
  • Jaggi Singh, The Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) and Colours of Resistance (Montreal)
  • Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, Former Black Panther and Political Prisoner, Founder of the Black Autonomy Network Of Community Organizers and author of “Anarchism and Black Revolution” (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

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