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Racism and Presidential Elections Since 1964: A Short History

(The brief overview below is largely drawn from two books, The Great Wells of Democracy, by Manning Marable, and Nixon’s Piano: Presidents and Racial Politics from Washington to Clinton, by Kenneth O’Reilly. This is a modified version of a presentation … Continue reading

Are You Mentoring for Social Justice? PART 2

Keep hope alive to avoid burn-out Besides being passionate and immediate about social change, one of the reasons young people overwork and over extend themselves is a feeling of despair and desperation about the state of the world and the … Continue reading

Are You Mentoring for Social Justice? PART 1

Giving birth and nourishing, Having without possessing, Acting with no expectations, Leading and not trying to control: This is the supreme virtue. Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity. I love my mentors! I am writing … Continue reading

A Time To Organize

Address to Midwest Meeting of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism March 27, 2004 Louisville, Kentucky I think this is a wonderful time to organize. I have heard people in the last few years say ‘Oh this is … Continue reading

You Can’t Kill the Spirit: A Forum with Three Women Organizers from New Orleans

Catalyst Project organized a panel at this year’s National Conference on Organized Resistance, featuring Mayaba Liebenthal, Amber McZeal, and Maya Dempster, who discussed their lives and political work post-Katrina, in New Orleans and as evacuees, from the challenges of survivor … Continue reading

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