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When Race Burns Class: “Settlers” Revisited

EC: In the early eighties you wrote Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat, a book which had a major impact on many North American anti-imperialists. How did this book come about, and what was so new about its way of looking … Continue reading

An Interview with Ramona Africa

Ramona Africa is the sole adult survivor of the May 13, 1985 massacre of 11 members of the MOVE organization. The FBI and the City of Philadelphia dropped a C4 bomb on MOVE’s Osage Avenue home in West Philadelphia. Both … Continue reading

Let’s Build Liberation: A Conversation with Chris Crass on Anti-Racism and Revolutionary Struggle

Could you give a brief history of your own organizing and activist work? I got into politics in high school when I was 15. My best friend, Mike Rejniak introduced me to politics and punk rock. We had a group … Continue reading

Interview with Max Elbaum

Max Elbaum is a longtime activist and author of Revolution in the Air, crucial reading for all of us who want to build movement for collective liberation. Elbaum uses his experience, knowledge, research and passion for social change to give … Continue reading

Entretien avec Chris Crass

Yves Coleman: Tout d’abord merci d’avoir pris la peine de répondre à mes questions. Peux-tu me dire brièvement quel est ton itinéraire politique et personnel? Chris Crass: J’ai commencé à militer au lycée lorsque j’avais 15 ans. Mon meilleur copain, … Continue reading

Organizer as a Catalyst: An Interview with Laura Close

Laura Close moves fast. I first met her at a student activist conference when she was on tour with Call to Action giving workshops around the country. In between leading workshops on group decision making and strategic planning she would … Continue reading

Finding Colours of Resistance: An interview with Pauline Hwang and Helen Luu

What lessons have we learned since the anti-WTO actions in Seattle? Can those lessons be applied to anti-war organizing? Can local struggles challenge global capitalism? How do we build movement for global justice that is anti-racist, multiracial and feminist? Pauline … Continue reading

We Can Do This: Direct Action against Global Capitalism and US Imperialism: An interview with Ingrid Chapman

Ingrid Chapman has been involved in direct action organizing for the past 4 years. At 23, she has helped pull off successful mass actions, worked with thousands of activists around the country and bases her work in the question, “How … Continue reading

Interview with Ernesto Aguilar of the Anarchist People of Color (APOC)

TFS: Who were the founders of the APOC? When was it started? EA: The anarchist people of color movement has been around for a long time. Martin Sostre is one of the best-known people of color in contemporary history to … Continue reading

Stateless and Deported: An Interview with the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees

For over a year, the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees has been working in Montreal to stop deportations against these members of an already stateless and oppressed community.  The coalition’s political campaign and case work has afforded some … Continue reading

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