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Category: Race and Anarchism

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Anarchy, War and Globalization

Hello friends. As you probably know by now, I was refused entry into the belly of the beast last night. A friend and I had to turn back our car into the great white north, but not before we were … Continue reading

Interview with Ernesto Aguilar of the Anarchist People of Color (APOC)

TFS: Who were the founders of the APOC? When was it started? EA: The anarchist people of color movement has been around for a long time. Martin Sostre is one of the best-known people of color in contemporary history to … Continue reading

Getting to the Roots of Liberation: an interview with Dan Berger

As radicals, we often speak about the need to go to the root of the problem. We put forward critique after critique about what’s wrong in the world. We present the facts and frameworks for why we need fundamental change … Continue reading

comment on black bloc “recruiting poster”

hi there everyone — below is a comment i recently re-discovered. i wrote it in august in response to a so-called “black bloc recruiting poster” and it was posted to several anarchist organizing lists. i got very positive and supportive … Continue reading

A Playbook of Strategies for Anarchists Addressing Race

Intro To start from what I know, I’d like to use football (futbol) strategy to frame some of the necessities of race facing anarchists*. In the game you have to take shots on the goal. That’s the only way to … Continue reading

Race, Anarchy, and Punk Rock: The impact of cultural boundaries within the anarchist movement.

“Yes that’s right, punk is dead … Punk became a fashion just like hippy used to be and it ain’t got a thing to do with you or me.”– lyrics by Crass, The Feeding of the Five Thousand (1978). Ever … Continue reading

Beyond Nationalism But Not Without It

[A similar article appeared in Anarchist Panther, 10/99, vol. 1 iss. 1. This version was published in ONWARD (Spring, 2002).] “What motivates me more than anything else about anarchism and its relevance to Black revolution is that it has offered … Continue reading

Our Own Traditions: anti-authoritarianism in our histories of struggle

This essay appears in Post Colonial Anarchism: Essays on race, repression and culture in communities of color 1999-2004. Access the complete book here Although many non-white anti-authoritarian traditions never self-identified as anarchist (many were in existence before the word was … Continue reading

Post Colonial Anarchism: Essays on race, repression and culture in communities of color 1999-2004

Full text available here Introduction It’s not immediately clear that anarchists of color (APOC), as a group, have any basic philosophical or strategic differences with our white allies and fellow travelers in the ‘movement.’ We don’t exist as a formal, … Continue reading

Looking to the Light of Freedom: Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement and Thoughts on Anarchist Organizing

When thinking about organizing, about the possibilities for movement building, about the potential of challenging injustice and fundamentally altering the relationships of power in this society – my mind turns to the Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s and 60’s. … Continue reading

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