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Topic: power

Global Commons: But Where Is The Community?

It is everywhere these days, this idea of a global commons. It started with the environment, now it has spread to all sorts of other issues. It is an idyllic idea too – one humanity, one world, one nature. It … Continue reading

Heart of Darkness: A True Story

“If you could just fill out this form, the doctor will call you when she’s ready for you.” “OK.” It’s been years since she visited the gynecologist. She avoids medical attention at all costs, in a reverse-hypochondriac denial of her … Continue reading

Developing a Power Analysis

A review of Towards Land, Work and Power: charting a path of resistance to U.S.-led imperialism By Jaron Browne, Marisa Franco, Jason Negron-Gonzales and Steve Williams Unite To Fight Press, San Francisco, 2006 (159 pages) What is the current state … Continue reading