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Topic: war

War Times Response to Open Letter on Racism in Antiwar Movement

Dear friends, We at War Times believe that the “Open Letter to Activists Concerning Racism in the Anti-War Movement” recently issued by New York City activists provides our movement with a great opportunity. Its specific examples of the racism problem … Continue reading

Looking for Color in the Anti-War Movement

Part I: Why “Anti-War” has to be “Anti-Racist” too As a speaker at a San Francisco anti-war rally last fall, I tried to emphasize the importance of seeing the threatened war on Iraq in terms of this country’s racism here … Continue reading

Not Showing Up: Blacks, Military Recruitment & Antiwar Movement

When I was the Southern Region Coordinator for Critical Resistance I once spoke at an event in New Orleans entitled “What Now: War, Occupation, and the Peace Movement.” I was asked specifically to address why more people most adversely affected … Continue reading

Justice and Survival: A Forum on Building Movements to Stop War

At the National Conference on Organized Resistance in Washington D.C. Catalyst Project brought together anti-war organizers to share their thinking on movement strategy. Max Elbaum, a former leader in Students for a Democratic Society in the 1960s and a current … Continue reading