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Topic: white activist

Racist Activism 101 [or “How to be a Completely Clueless and Aggravating White Activist”, or again “How to Get on Nadine’s Personal Shit List”]

[This article was originally written for the Concordia Student Union Handbook.] DISCLAIMER: This is far, far FAR from being an exhaustive checklist. Sure, this is my opinion and mine only, but run it by your comrades of colour [I’m sure … Continue reading

Reflections and Thoughts on White Anti-Racist Organizing from radicals of color and white anti-racists

1. maria poblet, housing rights organizer in the immigrant latino community white people need to organize white people. most white radicals choose to focus their work on organizing third world communities, educating white activists, or activism with middle class people. … Continue reading

Building Movements For Collective Liberation (For The October 25th Mobilization)

How do we build broad-based, anti-racist, multiracial, feminist, class-conscious movements capable of challenging global capitalism and US imperialism? What can we learn from the largest anti-war mobilization in the history of the world that took place this past year? What … Continue reading