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Author: cafenoirdesign

Root Cause and the Eros Effect in Miami

While the elite safely bargained behind ten foot high fences, the people took to the streets. The highlight of the FTAA protests was the Root Cause March for Global Justice. A coalition of community groups from South Florida organized a … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Anti-Globalization Protesters Or: Why I Didn’t Go to Miami

As one of the lead organizers of the 1999 Seattle direct action protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO), I am invested in the direction of the global justice movement. As a white person, I am invested in how white … Continue reading

People Get Ready! A Survival Handbook for Reality

[Authors’ Note: This is a work in progress. These are just some ideas we have been talking about and working on. They are not to be seen as a new paradigm or ideology, but are meant to spark some new … Continue reading