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Topic: war on terrorism

Eqbal Ahmad “Terrorism, Theirs & Ours”

Terrorism is the scourge of the era….The media focus on only one variety, that of the United States’ official enemies…. Click here to listen to this hour long radio program recorded in Boulder Colorado.

War Frenzy

My recent speech at a women’s conference on violence against women has generated much controversy. In the aftermath of the terrible attacks of September 11, I argued that the U.S. response of launching ‘America’s new war’ would increase violence against … Continue reading

The 3rd World War: Message to the Anti-Globalization Movement

5,000 people have been killed in a murderous attack just a few days ago, clearly stemming from past events in the Middle East. Although the President of the United States correctly refers to this as “acts of war”, he does … Continue reading

American Under Attack?

Shortly before press time, four American commercial airplanes were hijacked and crashed in what is being heralded as the largest terrorist attack ever. Two planes demolished the World Trade Center, one hit the Pentagon and one was forced down in … Continue reading

War Times: History, Evaluation, Lessons, Future

War Times/Tiempo de Guerras, a nationwide, free, bilingual (Spanish and English), antiwar newspaper, produced 19 issues (distributing roughly 100,000 copies of each) between February 2002 and the suspension of publication in October 2004. Below the War Times/Tiempo de Guerras Organizing … Continue reading