The Colours of Resistance Archive is a collection of analysis and tools for liberatory organizing and movement-building.

Author: SpencerMann

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Reflections and Thoughts on White Anti-Racist Organizing from radicals of color and white anti-racists

1. maria poblet, housing rights organizer in the immigrant latino community white people need to organize white people. most white radicals choose to focus their work on organizing third world communities, educating white activists, or activism with middle class people. … Continue reading

What I Wish I Knew: My Own Goals for Anti-Racist Practice

These are some principles that I’ve developed for myself so that I can stay focused on actually doing anti-racist work, rather than thinking and talking about it a whole lot. These all come straight from lessons I’ve learned from my … Continue reading

Anti-oppression training groups in the US

This list of anti-oppression trainers was compiled by School of the Americas Watch.

The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere: Making Resistance to Antisemitism Part of All of Our Movements

This 32-page pamphlet is geared towards activists wanting to to build powerful movements and take on antisemitism for what it is:  “a divide-and-rule strategy that has served to maintain ruling classes, conceal who actually has power, and confuse us about … Continue reading

A Katrina Reader

A Katrina Reader is dedicated to all the Katrina Survivors and Grassroots Racial Justice Organizations of New Orleans, who are fighting for the Right of Return of all ‘Internally Displaced Persons,’ and the Right to Rebuild New Orleans and the … Continue reading

An Open Letter To Activists Concerning Racism In The Anti-War Movement

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the anti-war movement, Attached is an open letter raising issues of racism in the anti-war movement. In it, we identify racist practices that have hindered our ability to work together and will continue to do … Continue reading

Community Action Notes: Information and Resources Against War and Racism

Community Action Notes is a Toronto based newsletter for community networking, outreach and information sharing against war and racism. The attached PDF documents are issues of Community Action Notes from 2002.

Eqbal Ahmad “Terrorism, Theirs & Ours”

Terrorism is the scourge of the era….The media focus on only one variety, that of the United States’ official enemies…. Click here to listen to this hour long radio program recorded in Boulder Colorado.

From Protest to Resistance: a radical look at the FTAA

Click here to listen to link to audio recordings from this event held on Jan.25th, 2001 in Toronto Canada. Speakers at the event were: George, Anti-Racist Action (Toronto) Fernando Hernandez, Food for Chiapas (Toronto) Sue Collis, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, … Continue reading

Tim Wise on a Nation Divided

Anti–Racist activist Tim Wise speaks on the system of institionalized white supremacy, how it works, and how it must not be a part of any movement for a democratic society. The full question period of Wise’s talk can be heard … Continue reading

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