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Topic: racism

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Discovering a Different Space of Resistance: Personal Reflections on Anti-Racist Organizing

In the summer of 2000, I was involved with a coalition that worked to mobilize andorganize a demonstration against the Organization of American States (OAS) when they held their meeting in Windsor, Canada. Included in the OAS’s portfolio is the … Continue reading

Heart of Darkness: A True Story

“If you could just fill out this form, the doctor will call you when she’s ready for you.” “OK.” It’s been years since she visited the gynecologist. She avoids medical attention at all costs, in a reverse-hypochondriac denial of her … Continue reading

Fighting white supremacy from the inside

For three weeks last spring and six weeks last summer (2002), the Active Solidarity Collective (ASC) brought workshops about white supremacy and tools for dismantling it to white groups of social justice activists across the East Coast, and bits of … Continue reading

Don’t Call This Country “America” How the name was hijacked and why it matters today

If ever there was a time to break the habit of calling this country “America,” as if no other nations existed in this hemisphere, it is in the current era of Permanent War and arrogant empire-building. If ever there was … Continue reading

Whose ally? Thinking critically about anti-oppression ally organizing PART 2

CONTINUED FROM PART 1 closing words in defense of workshops So I’ve laid out here a critique of antiracist and antitransphobic ally organizing culture. You can take or leave it as you please. To try to diffuse some of the … Continue reading

Whose ally? Thinking critically about anti-oppression ally organizing PART 1

In the last couple weeks, we witnessed the largest single day of social action the world has ever seen. Tens of millions of people across the globe marched against the impending U.S. imperial assault on Iraq. Here in the U.S., … Continue reading

But We Don’t Have Leaders: Leadership Development and Anti Authoritarian Organizing

Leadership and leadership development can play important roles in moving forward with our commitment to equality in organizations, movements and society. Leadership development, as defined by organizer Dara Silverman, is working with others to build skills, analysis and confidence. Anti-authoritarian … Continue reading

The Work Is Not The Workshop: Talking and Doing, Visibility and Accountability in the White Anti-Racist Community

Ok, white folks. I think it’s time for us to focus. We know a whole lot, y’all, but I don’t see us putting our knowledge to real use out there. I mean there’s a whole big movement going on in … Continue reading

Identity Politics and Essentialism

This essay appears in Post Colonial Anarchism: Essays on race, repression and culture in communities of color 1999-2004. Access the complete book here Is anyone who has ever defined their political work through a social category historically associated with inferiority … Continue reading

Where was the Color in Seattle?: Looking for reasons why the Great Battle was so white.

This article was originally published in ColorLines (Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2000). “I was at the jail where a lot of protesters were being held and a big crowd of people was chanting ‘This Is What Democracy Looks Like!’ … Continue reading

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